Traditional Cree Philosophy

Cree people believe in Spirits visions and dreams. These visions are mediums through which we attempt to enlighten our understanding of the world in which we exist. Each of the Creator's gifts, particularly animals and humans, possess a Spirit. Because the Spirit is eternal we know that when we die, it is only a physical death and our journey continues on. Traditional Cree spirituality also strongly reinforces the principle of a circle of life, the essence of which is found in Spirit. Spirits have the power to manifest themselves to the human eye and mind as well as to communicate with us. For example Cree people believe that the Northern Lights occur when the Spirits are dancing. Various Spirits such as the Old Woman, the bear or the buffalo often enter the Sweat Lodge during prayer. At other times, depending upon our need, particular Spirits are called upon to provide us with assistance. A variety of Spirits also come to us during dreams or in visions.