One particularly fearful spirit in the Cree culture is known as "Weetigo". There are nearly three dozen ways to spell this name; each way begins with a "W" and is three syllables.

These beings sometimes inhabit bodies of live people, but they do not need a living body to host their return to Earth. If human form is taken, the person is often forced to perform terrible acts such as cannibalism. If they do not take the form of a human, they can take the form of a great vision sometimes described as being "tall as a spruce tree" and having a black face with no lips. Some say the Weetigo possesses the ability to fly. Others claim to have seen the Weetigo in an old campgrounds, appearing in the form of a giant woman who would wander around from cabin to cabin late at night. To scare the occupants, she often pushes her face up against the windows of the cabins and stares in at the people with her black eyes.