The world of North American Indian mythology is full of some amazing creatures, beings, and events. One of the most important among these beings is the "Trickster". The Trickster goes by many names and has many forms. In Cree, the Trickster is called "Weesageechak". This figure can choose any form and disguise that it wishes. This is primarily a clownish figure whose role is to teach the people about the nature and the meaning of existence on the planet. Some say that Weesageechak left this continent when the white man came, but the Cree believe the figure is still among them and is choosing new disguises. Some say that without this being's presence the core of Cree culture would be destroyed.

Weesageechak can be seen in the novel, Kiss of the Fur Queen. It comes in the form of the fox which speaks to Jeremiah when he is drunk.